Mayreau is a tiny island covering 1 square miles with a small village housing about 280 inhabitants.

It has a small resort in the north, Salt Whistle Bay, and Dennis' Hideaway Bar, Restaurant and Guesthouse in the south at the entrance to Mayreau village, just 3 minutes walk from the beach and Saline Bay.

Mayreau village has four local restaurants including Dennis' Hideaway Seafood Restaurant, about 30 houses, 1 primary school and 1 catholic church. 

It is mainly a fishing village, but now the people also make their living by tourism, with the fishermen selling their catch to the hotels and restaurants.  

Mayreau has no police, no lawyers, no doctors, no crime, just an abundance of charm and 3 Justices of the Peace, one of whom is Dennis!

At its highest point, where the church and school are situated, is a magnificent view overlooking the Northern and Southern Grenadines, and the Tobago Cays to the east.

Mayreau is surrounded by spectacular white sand beaches and coral reefs.