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Our fleet base in the heart of the Grenadines just next to the Tobago Cays in Mayreau, Bequia or Union but we can sail the boat to another island  for your request.
We provide the highest levels of comfort, performance, style and accessories. 

Our boats are modern, fully equipped with the latest technology for navigation, well-maintained and very comfortable.


We can help you to organize your flights and provisioning. 

Please contact the office for all details: denhide@vincysurf.com


Chartering a yacht, be it for one day or overnight, is the only way to see and appreciate the real beauty of Mayreau and the neighboring Tobago Cays.

DAYTOURS, FISHING at sunrise or with a “sundowner” in your hand aboard Dennis” 26 foot Shamrock Stalker sportfishing boat "Orca" are exiting adventures.

 CRUISING at 20 knots or speeding up to 26 knots with a powerful 260 HP engine in the hull can get you to the best fishig grounds in the Grenadines or from one beautiful island to the next in no time (Mayreau – Union approx 5 minutes). You can see the whole Southern Grenadines in one day.


Dennis, a former shrimp boat captain and expert yachtcaptain with 35 years sailing experience will be your host and captain.

ORCA can take up to six person. You can bring your own fishing gear along or use the equipment of the boat. Sunbathe on the foredeck, fish in the stern and take shelter behind a sprayhood if the going gets tough. Any luggage you want to bring along can be stored away safely in a small cabin in the front.

Dennis' Hideaway Yacht Charter offers you an exciting opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean Sea in a sailing yacht.


Dennis, an expert skipper with 35 years sailing experience, will pick you up at your hotel and take you on an unforgettable cruise.


See the Tobago Cays and their world renowned reef, teeming with underwater life and sail into some of the most picturesque harbours in the Caribbean.  


To visit the islands in the Southern Grenadines is about 1 to 2 hours sailing from Mayreau and to visit those in the Northern Grenadines is about 3 to 4 hours sailing.



 A highlight of your day out on Dennis' yacht can be going ashore to a powdery white sand beach overlooking the sparkling blue waters of the Cays for a delicious barbecue prepared by the crew.


DAY TRIPS - Return to hotel at sunset

Please ask about rates denhide@vincysurf.com